RubyTuesday was not only undergoing a re-brand, but a re-invention as a more modern, upscale family casual restaurant. They had upgraded their in-restaurant guest experience both from an architectural and culinary standpoint but were struggling to get a new more discerning target demographic to give them a try.

How do you convince people to give Ruby Tuesday another look? We conducted research into Ruby Tuesday’s aspirational target demo and realized they were never going to take our word for it. People needed to hear it from a friend or have a new use case to try it themselves.

We created usage occasions that tempted people to try it, and leverage social media to spread people’s good experiences. Just as Ruby Tuesday had reinvented itself offline, we set out to do the same across their website, mobile, and social experiences – integrating a strategy toward “try & share”. 

Social engagement increased by 3000%.

The entire rebrand was attributed to a 103% increase in revenue.