Pencils of Promise came to us and asked for help in their fundraising efforts with their website. During this phase we learned that they didn’t want to simply build a website, they wanted to build a movement. We realized PoP’s challenge was encouraging participation, not just fundraising.

What motivates the average donor to contribute to a cause?

We worked with PoP to gain access to donors. We also did research into the psychology of contributing to causes in general. People are more apt to contribute if they can envision the impact of their contribution. In fact, they may even be apt to contribute more based on that visibility.

We created mechanisms that literally translate contribution into impact. Dollars were equated with the days and years of education they fund. Social graphs were visualized in terms of people reached.

Since the launch, there was a 250% increase in grassroots volunteering. The donation tool increased online donations by 31%.



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